My interest in technology and how it intersects with human behavior is largely what got me into design. I’ve made it my goal to expose myself to a diverse set of problems in order to be an effective team-member no matter where I am.


experience design

Both projects that were born out of my love for travel and its ability to give us perspective.

Lucid Dreaming Study →

illustration + semiotics + 3d + design research

Venture →

illustration + motion + 3d + semiotics

All-Staff Summer ‘17 →

art direction + motion

Device Wall Design Exploration →

art direction + motion + 3d

Catalyst →

interaction design + ux

mcgarrybowen Site Wires →

user experience

Samsung x KITH Aspen →

experience design + activation

All-Staff Summer ‘16 →

experience design + ux + branding  

Burn Meter →

user experience

Facet →

type design + motion