user experience 


Problem —

The mcgarrybowen website wasn’t doing a great job of showing how a digital agency solves problems and focuses on culture.

Goal —

Redesign the mcgarrybowen website in a way that talks about agency values, people, and capabilities in an active way.

Role —

After several brainstorm meetings figuring out what works and doesn’t when it comes to company culture not just in advertising but in other areas, I took it upon myself to get started with how this would look and what would experience when they come to the site.

Outcome —

Since this was in a more preliminary stage, the result was a documentation made up of site maps, use cases, wireframes, and creative references drawn from the audit. These were given to the user experience team to aid in redesigning the website after I left. 

Site Audit 

The initial process for this project involved an audit of different agency/non-agency websites to pick out best in class sites in terms of heuristics, social impact, and aesthetics.

These were done in collaboration with the rest of the User Experience team at mcgarrybowen.

Overall there were many page stacks that proved to be cumbersome for the user especially on mobile

Wireframes —

During my time at mcgarrybowen, the new President made it pretty clear that he was focused on creating better relationships with people in the agencies by encouraging us to see one another as co-conspirators. We needed a way to show how this positive energy that was buzzing around the agency could be felt by the person looking to work at mcgarrybowen right up to clients that want to hire them.

An interesting touchpoint that I wanted to highlight was side hustles — because the things that people do outside of work make them even more interesting. Highlighting this could help from clients who are looking for a talented group of people who can bring unusual inspiration to the table, to those looking to be a part of an interesting team.
It’s one thing to say you’re focusing more on the people and they relationships they form in your agency, and it’s more important to show it.