illustration + animation + 3d + semiotics


(ongoing project)

Background —

After gathering some feedback on the lucid dreaming project , I wanted to rethink what the language I created could do.

Problem —

Design school can’t and won’t teach you everything you need to know as a creative. So, how can  we continuously help one another fill in those gaps of knowledge?

Goal —

Help people connect the dots between where they are and where they’d like to be as a creative. 

Approach — 

Venture uses travel as a metaphor—verbally and visually—to connect the creative process + exploration of self to how traveling gives you perspective. There’s a lot to be figured out along the way, each story along the way is a landmark, as we explore the idea of “sustainable creativity”.

Project Intro

 Breaking down “sustainable creativity” — Basically “How can we help one another navigate our creative journey in a way that helps us avoid burnout?”

Each description is based off the idea that sometimes asking questions can be an effective way to offer guidance, without being overly prescriptive.

Sustainable Creativity — Visual Language

Intro Illustration 
Inspired by a playlist I created that reminds me of travel.

Abstract Backgrounds
For some context – I chose to use abstract topography as the background for my content, especially because it reminds me of the birds-eye-view you get when you’re flying over a landscape.

Especially desert landscapes, a personal favorite.  

Texture Tests

Motion Test

Visual Language + Podcast
(for some context) The “venture: works in progress” podcast is a platform where me and a few of my friends chat with other creatives, with the goal of using their story to inspire others who are at different points in their career.

We hear everything from "war stories" that served as teachable moments for careers, to things like how to talk about odd jobs in interviews, and learning on the job.

Listen Here 

I took the icons I created for the lucid dreaming project, then animated and redefined them. 

Landmarks — Podcast Snippets 
I've been trying different ways to highlight podcast moments + ideas in a way that's digestible on Instagram.

 View on Instagram
Each of these icons were meant to be tied to snippets from the podcast, and help make our conversations about "sustainable creativity" a bit more accessible. Just one way of making connections.

Instagram Stories

Ongoing project with more stuff  to come. Still thinking of how I can make these ideas + stories more accessible. Also, trying to think of where else this project could live outside of instagram.