motion graphics + art direction

Samsung Device Wall

Problem —

People who visit the Samsung 837 space needed a way to see what Samsung had to offer, from it’s events to highlighting product features.

Goal —

Provide an interactive experience with games and 4K content designed to feature special moments from the wold of Samsung.

Role —

My role was to design and animate various visual elements for the wall. Each element referenced one aspect of the product story, such as waterproofing, the infinity display with it’s organic lines and curves, and a feeling of discovery within the 837 space itself.

**Bixby — The other part of the installation was a take on the game Simon Says called “Bixby Says”, meant to call attention to Bixby — the S8’s voice assistant.  

The device wall was not only made up of the Samsung galaxy S8 phones, but 12 Galaxy S3 Tablets, and a Samsung QLED TV.

Creative Direction by David Larkin

mood boards
The color and texture of the objects was inspired by the liquid luster of the phone itself.

motion tests_1
These motion tests were meant to serve as ambient graphics for the walls “idle state” to attract visitors as they passed by the installation.

The continuous shapes were inspired by the end-to-end infinity display of the galaxy S8.

motion tests_2
The next set of motion tests were further inspired by the organic design and liquid shade of the GS8 phone that influenced both the texture and movement of the shapes.

This was a motion test for the orbs on the home screen allows visitors to explore content centered around the Samsung 837 space.

This was a very fun project for me, it allowed me to obsess a little over the industrial design details, and overall product story that made the Galaxy S8 device special and carry that over this project in a meaningful way.