interaction design + ux 


Note — Project still in process.

Problem —

It can be hard for students to get help on projects unless they’re close to someone who is talented enough to meet their needs.

Backstory —

A tool I can relate to after spending a couple years helping people out with photography, and design projects here and there, I believe it should be easier to find good help.

Goal —

Make it easier to bring people together, allow students in the city to work with fellow students for profit, or simply to exchange skills.

Status —

Animating core app features + gathering feedback.

The idea behind these personas is that these two people have different skill sets and different means of connecting with others (Facebook, Meetups, etc.), and this app is meant to bridge that gap.

Projects can either be done for profit (Hire) or students can use their skills as currency and create something together for free (Collaborate).

The art student can play any of these roles when using the app—
Organizer — A student in need of help for a project.
Prospect — A student who is offering their skills.

Think of it as a buyer/seller relationship on eBay — you sign up for one account, but you can choose to list items or bid on items whenever you want.

Onboarding Screens 

Browse Screens 

Filter menu and declining users

I used behavior that other students were already engaging in when it comes to finding people to work with. I drew inspiration from apps like Tinder and Facebook to design the apps core functionality.

In-App Notifications

Browsing through mini portfolio, accept, and interact  

If a user is interested, they can browse through the mini portfolio that the users upload, choose the work they like and use it as a starting point for a conversation.

Browse Flow —

Interactions 

Portfolio 

Adding work to mini-portfolio

Next Steps

  • Gathering feedback
  • Animations of core app features