art direction + motion  design

All-Staff Summer ‘17

Problem —

How can a corporate all-hands meeting properly motivate and help reflect the different identities of the employees?

Goal —

Create an approachable and dynamic identity for the Edelman All-Staff event with the theme, “The Best Work of Your Life.

Role —

This theme needed visuals that were bold and playful to give character to the event as a whole.

My role as lead designer  was to take this concept and communicate it through type treatments, animations, and inform poster design.

The bold color palette and alternating primary type styles were meant to give a more expressive feel. I chose GT Walsheim family for the secondary typeface as a more rounded and humanist complement to the primary typeface.

Characters by Eden Lewis
Creative Direction by Erika Tarte

In order for the posters and other assets to feel dynamic, I started with motion design and used this idea of expressiveness to create graphics that merged together in a fun way to represent the merging of backgrounds and personalities at Edelman.

Email Invite 
The email invites were a quicker version of the initial animation, meant to tease the theme of the event before the posters went up.

Animated Typeface
Next was a series of animated characters that were used throughout the presentation deck. Part of the reason we felt the characters all needed to be different was to achieve this effect during animation that makes the characters look as if they were painted on screen by different hands. While each character was animated on and off in it’s own unique way, the colors and painterly quality of the characters themselves tied them all together.

Each of the practice names were animated as the leads came up to speak.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture this, but the event space had a series of acoustic panels that we used to create a special moment with a starry sky mapped to the acoustic panels and shooting stars in the shape of the Edelman logo that welcomed people into the theater. In addition to the projection mapping, the starry sky was used as an ambient background for presenters during the event.
**projections were mapped to the triangular acoustic panels in this theater
This dynamic movement of the “paint” paired with the character lockups helps to give this feeling that you’ve frozen a moment in time when these bursts of color were interacting with the characters.

Executed by Eddie Gonzales

For the window clings, the intention was to create one continuous piece of colors beautifully merging together, creating a sense of depth with the paint weaving through the letters and treating larger paint trails as background supergraphics.