experience design + ux + branding

All-Staff Summer ‘16

Overview —

Put together an all-staff meeting in a way that uses the collective minds for a good cause.

For Edelman’s annual all-staff meeting, our team’s goal was to create an experience that would make people active participants in ideating a solution for a local organization or low/pro-bono client for a day while learning what each discipline has to offer and meeting new people.

Role —

This was my first time putting together creative and experience design skills to make an experience this big (900+ people) more pleasant, and certainly won't be my last. I had to make sure I gave people a concise idea what each practice does when designing the boards for the breakout sessions while capturing the dynamic emotion of the theme “Find Your Force”. I also put together signs for group captains to make sure the transitions from each station are a little more pleasant to complement the seat drop cards, and breaking down the days events — including a DJ to set the right mood.

I'm glad this turned out to be a hit for everyone, got to collaborate with other really sharp people to get an idea of does and doesn't work when putting together a large scale production job, and have fun doing it!

People Flow

Brainstorm Boards

I had to find a way to allow people to document their ideas during these breakout sessions and let people know a little bit of what each department does. This was the initial idea I developed by using isometric type — to give the characters a sense of motion— especially because the initial idea was to make all the type for the different disciplines. While keeping in mind that this needed to be treated with a level of seriousness.

Foam boards would be used by station leaders to document ideas, and we wanted to show the rest of the creative team how big these should be.

Doing all 8 Department names with artist tape proved would be a pretty long and painstaking process, so I moved to something that could be printed 4’x 3’ and contain the department descriptions.

Boards in use at the greenhouse space


The branding for the all-staff event was also done with Isometric type which was very fitting with the theme for this year which was: “Find Your Force”. This mark was applied throughout all the event presentations, t-shirts, and even the vending machine that our experience design team hacked :)

Logo Lockup Tests

Poster using the logo lockup

Cards left on everyones seat that let everyone know where they were supposed to be going for each session.

Even though it seemed ambitious, another Intern and I ended up making the “Find Your Force” mark out of Artist tape. Took around 3 hours.