I’m an Experience Designer who’s primary interests are in the areas of spatial + product  design with a strategic focus.

My goal is to use design to connect concepts, cultural moments, and people in a compelling way. I tend to look for inspiration from observation, conversation, and  formal design research to stretch my perspective.

I originally started with building websites from scratch with HTML, CSS, PHP, Liquid, and JavaScript. My deep interest in what does and doesn’t work in the web lead me to get more into how my design moves affect the user, almost the same way my interest in architecture and tech got me interested in experiential design/activations. No matter what I’m working on, I try to think of how what I’m helping to create fits into a larger system, and continue to question what benefit it has for the user.

I want to be able to branch out as an experience designer, allowing myself to learn new and more meaningful ways to solve problems, and new skills that help me turn my ideas into real, and magical experiences.

When I’m not designing you can catch me: documenting little moments that inspire me with my camera, checking out new retail installations (Dover Street Market is one of my favorites), and bouncing ideas around with my friends as I’m coming up with my next side project.  

I hope you liked what you see here and would love to chat more about my ongoing work and thinking!

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